New to DynaQ v2.5

Again we listened and put a lot of effort and new features into the Version 2.5 of our Dynamic Split Processing plugin DynaQ.

Countless requests reached us from all over the world and so we worked hard to release DynaQ V2.5 with the following new or updated features:

New to DynaQ v2.5

  • New Saturation Modes! Tube and Tape!
    The new saturation modes mimic closely the sound and behavior of Tube circuits and Tape machines.
    Blend dynamically between Tape saturation and Tube saturation e.g.! 
  • Look Ahead Processing
    With the new parameter at the bottom of DynaQ v2.5 it is possible to set a Look Ahead Delay which enables DynaQ to „look into the feature“ and know what signal is coming before it needs to process. 
  • Numeric Parameter Values via Keyboard
    All parameter values can be set by double clicking on the value and set via number keys.
  • Improved EQ Band Handle controlling
    EQ bands can be adjusted way smoother now.
  • Native Silicon Support for Apple Computers
    All macOS are supported.


AU & AAX Native
MacOS & Windows